Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun & Games with the USPS

Or...if it wasn't so tragic it could be funny!

Went to the Post Office today to mail a package to my niece. I didn't have a bubble-pack envelope but know I could buy one there. So being the smart dude I am, I show up with the wrapped gift & a printed address label. I get the envelope, find some tape on the counter, stick my address label to it, fill in the customs forms & then the fun and games began.

The Night of the USPS - A Play in 1 Act
"sir, you can't use that tape, it's labeled priority mail and you're not shipping via that service"
"oh, it was lying on the counter over there with the supplies, I just you have any other tape?"
"no that's all we have"
"do you have a pen I can use to write directly on the envelope?"
"try this one"
audience - "hahahahaha"
"er, this pen doesn't write on these envelopes that I got from your rack, do you have another one?"
"no sir"
audience - "hahahahaha"
"so you don't have tape I can use or a pen? What am I supposed to do"
"You should have come more prepared"
audience - ROFL

I guess coming more prepared means I should have bought my shipping supplies at Staples rather than supporting the retail operations at the USPS.

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