Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back In The Day...

...when Flight Attendants (a name I hate, sounds like bathroom attendant or parking attendant) were still called Stewardesses, they wore some great & not-so great uniforms. Cliff Muskiet, a Steward for KLM has dedicated himself to collecting these relics of the Aviation Age. His website features his collection of literally hundreds of uniforms from around the world. My personal favorites have to be the Braniff outfits. Courtesy of NOTCOT.

F1 Spoiler

Forget the Indy 500, last weekend was the running of the Grand Prix de Monaco & thanks to the rain & notoriously difficult circuit, ended up being one of the best F1 races I've ever seen. Of course my opinion is somewhat biased by the fact that you-know-who won!

In Search Of The Perfect Caipirinha

I'm a teensy bit addicted to the National Drink of Brazil, namely the Caipirinha. Here are some highs & lows; Rumjungle at the Mandalay Bay - awful & costly to boot, Samba restaurant - not bad at all, a certain, secret NY Style pizzeria in Dallas - the best!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Threat Level Orange

The citizens of the US can rest a little easier tonight knowing that at least one terrorist threat has been eliminated. Today I noticed a man suspiciously taking pictures of my neighborhood jogging trail. I realized immediately that this was part of an al queda plot to blow up the nations fitness infrastructure & massacre our otherwise healthy population using obesity & heart disease. Being the good citizen that I am, I reported him to law enforcement in whose custody, I hope, he is currently being water-boarded.

Chalk another one up to the good guys!

Blu-Ray Going The Way Of SACD?

OK, probably not that drastic, but according to the New York Times, not all is well in the Blu-Ray hi-definition camp. Sales are slumped & the disappearance of the only comptative system has done little to spur them. Common complaints seem to be the high price of players & discs. Back when Mono went Stereo the record prices didn't increase, perhaps Blu-Ray needs to decide to profit from the hardware OR the software but not both?

More beating Up On Starbucks

The latest idea to come out of Starbucks is to start serving smoothies. What this has to do with the core business of selling coffee I'm not quite sure. Emulating Jamba Juice might be a fine idea if Jamba were doing great business, problem is they're not! In perusing the Starbucks customer ideas website I found about 25 voices promoting smoothies, however the replies were resoundingly negative.