Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fossett Search Finds Several ‘Total Nobodies’

National paparazzi are complaining that the Steve Fossett air search keeps getting side tracked by the constant discovery of the wrecks of complete nobodies.

“You get your hopes up for a celebrity corpse, and then have to settle for somebody’s father or husband,” said an LA-based photographer. “What’s the profit in that?”

The National Transportation and Safety Board has assured the Tabloid community that these non-entities will not be followed up on until after Fossett is found, dead or alive. “We understand People Magazine has deadlines” said one NTSB spokesperson.

Google also announced it is not paying for a single non-celebrity satellite photo.

Richard Branson has said no rewards will be paid for any ‘regular people’.

credit : my pleasantly unbalanced friend Eric F.

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