Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Hmm, a quandary. I'm looking to replace my 2ndG iPod. I already have a Nano which I love but wish I could have my entire music library (60+GB & growing) with me for longer trips. So today Apple announced the new iPod range, a redesigned Nano, a touch screen iPodtouch with Wi-Fi & Safari & a larger drive version (160GB) of the pre-existing iPodvideo. Problem is, the features I want are not available in any single device.
  • the iPodtouch is very cool but only goes up to 16GB & lacks a mic in jack for Skype'ing
  • the iPodvideo 160 has the capacity I want but looks pretty lackluster when compared to the touch
The touch should have the 160GB HD and the ability to do VOIP (already possible on my Nokia N770). This is a seriously bad move on Apple's part, one which I think will haunt them over the holiday period. I guess I'll be sticking with my 2ndG for awhile longer.

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