Friday, September 21, 2007

2nd Horseman of the Apocalypse

Or at least the apocalypse as far as the MPAA & RIAA are concerned.

The good comrades at MP3 Fiesta just circulated a little questionnaire via e-mail, asking members their opinions on a proposed video & movie download service. Here is the text from that mailing -
Dear User!
The MP3Fiesta Team is planning to launch a new project – downloading films via Internet.
In this regard we kindly ask you to answer a couple of simple questions, so that we could arrange our new service in the most convenient, useful and attractive way for you.
We highly appreciate your time, that’s why, having answered the questions, you’ll receive a pleasant bonus from MP3Fiesta Team.

Seems as if they're considering a variety of compression formats from iPod to DVD. I'm not sure how the controversial Russian ROMS loophole applies to movies though. Not many other details but the pleasant bonus was a $3 credit which is about 3 albums worth on this site!

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