Saturday, August 01, 2009


LfD has been laying low for some months now as it's creator experimented with various forms of social media. He was interested to see if these various web 2.0 initiatives could replace the now venerable blog. After 6 months the experiment has run it's course and the answer is a tepid no.

In the end Twitter emerged as the only truly useful & interesting tool. Commonly derided as 140 characters of navel contemplation, the reality of Twitter can be much different provided you keep a tight rein on your follows and followers.

That being said, the editorial department at LfD have decided that even Tweets cannot replace the traditional blog as a place to get your verbal on. the general disinterest of most around us, LfD is crawling back out of the internet cache and onto your screen.

Enjoy, and while you're here, follow me at and #LfD.

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