Thursday, August 06, 2009

OMG - It's Like Totally All Faked!

As long-time judge Paula Abdul quits American Idol she is lashing out at the show's producers and format, claiming, along with other previous winners and employees, that the contestants are manipulated and the show is sham.

I'm at all not surprised by these claims, what actually does surprise me is that anyone actually thinks that AI or any other TV reality show portrays a fair and balanced view of the events? Sunday's New York Times also included a piece outlining the "harsh realities" of reality TV.

In case anyone was still unaware, Reality TV is the puppy mill of production. Low paid video crews shoot thousands of hours on low cost digital cameras. These countless takes are then sifted through by little more than interns before delivering a rough product to the "real" editors for finishing. The networks love it because the costs are low and the ratings (used to be) high. But don't confuse the shows for anything more than they are, a nasty, dirty breeding operation turning out sickly puppies to be foisted onto a gullible public.

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