Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dumb & Dumber, oh and Sadistic Too

The photo (doctored for family viewing) purportedly shows a lady by the name of Elizabeth Carlisle, an employee of Petland in Akron, Ohio. According to the PETA blog today, Ms. Carlisle and her manager decided to have a little fun at some bunnies' expense. You can read the actual posting for the full details, but let's just say that even Mr. Cheney might blanch at their methods. To celebrate their exploits Carlisle then posted a vivid description and accompanying picture to her Facebook profile.

I would have thought that after the Dominos' dirty employee YouTube media blitz people would have wised up to posting their sickest doings on social networks. Although I presume the same mental defect that would lead somone to believe torturing animals was acceptable might also blind them to the concept that advertising it might be another really bad idea?

Watch this story get major legs in the next few days.

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hampton said...

philip! this is lindsay hampton! i randomly found you on twitter via @umairh and saw that he had @ed (that's a verb, right?) your name and i thought, wouldn't that be funny if that is the philip barrett that i know... and the rest is history. i am @auntie_gravity, i just added you and wanted to say hello. i hope you and the family are doing well!