Thursday, January 12, 2006

On A Lighter Note

After discussing the drug trade and the Nazis maybe it’s the time for something a little more easily digested. We’re dissing CSI, as in the “currently in 3 flavors” TV drama airing almost nightly on CBS.

When was the last time either a CSI victim or perp (good Law & Order word) was not either a supermodel or metro-sexual hunk? I must assume that in order to get the crime scene folk interested you have to fit the profile. No oldies, fatties or uglies are going to get their DNA in the Petri dish. No Way Baby. For Horatio to look you in the eye and deliver a well-timed cliché you’d better be looking hot. No DKNY, no Gucci’s, no service at this establishment.

Now the cast is impressively turned out as well and I can understand why. Walking into a blood splattered motel room I’m going to have to look my best too. A little mousse, some Italian loafers, well see here, it’s an exit wound!

While we’re flogging this horse, why aren’t the good citizens of Miami, Las Vegas & New York demanding more accountability for their tax dollars? In Dallas, if I see an officer of the law tooling around in a department Hummer I’m going to be looking for some answers.

So I give the show a credibility factor of 4, in other words, I’d rather read 10 teen Jesse McCartney blogs than watch this.

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