Friday, January 20, 2006

Chewing On Some Consoles

I finished a show this week at the ever pleasant Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix. The event was for US Smokeless Tobacco, makers of, among others, Copenhagen. Busy show it was too, a live band interacting with presenters and multiple video roll-ins. This was my first trip on the Digico D1 (I've been a happy D-5 bunny for a couple of years now, It operates almost identically to the D-5 but has two 8-bank fader surfaces and Macro Keys that can be set up for further functionality. For the price (it's less than half a D-5) it's hard to beat & certainly makes me wonder why anyone would buy the functionally deficient Yamaha PM-5D? I probably should have specified a D-5 as those extra faders would have been useful, anyway all seemed happy with the results.

What with all the smoking & chewing in the ballroom it was like "Back To The 80s."

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