Thursday, January 12, 2006

Anne Frank & the Final Solution

My son (the 10 year old in the bio) is a big reader. Yesterday he picked up a copy of Anne Frank's Diary at the school library & settled down for most of the afternoon with it. Of course that introduced much discussion & googling about the concentration camps & Hitler's Final Solution. This is all the more relevant to him as his Grandmother's side of the family were all Austrian Jews, some of whom fled before the Nazis and a number who waited too long. His namesake & Great-Great Grandfather survived, his Great-Great-Grandmother and most of the others perished at Auschwitz.

Without belittling the obviously horrific human cost I have difficulty understanding why the 3rd Reich, already short of troops & materials, were prepared to commit such huge economic resources to the extermination of the Jews and other undesirables? The systematic murder and disposal of over 6 million people is no small task. Was their collective hatred so great that they were prepared to jeopodize the other theaters of war in order to continue this undertaking? Obviously so.

And they say "Love is Blind?"

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