Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Torrent = Quality and Avant-Garde?

The video torrent traders seem to be most interested in the timeliness of their files rather than the overall quality. A handheld camera in a movie theater will often serve their purpose well. However, the audio uploaders seem to be increasingly concerned with the quality, of their offerings. 320kbs rips are very common on the torrent networks & far exceed the quality found on the commercial download sites (iTunes, Amazon etc.).

A group calling themselves The Vinyl Flac Project are meticulously re-recording rare avant-garde albums that have long dropped from the label's catalogs. These are then offered on the major torrent tracking sites like Pirate Bay. Alongside a complementary operation, the Avant Garde Project, the offerings include works by John Cage, Peter Maxwell & even Stravinsky. Find their releases here & here (you'll need a torrent program to download the files, don't forget to seed after finishing).

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