Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Fix Sport Doping For Good

Pity the Tour de France, for all their posturing, they can't even reach Stage 12 without a favorite rider testing positive for drugs. Of course, cycling's not alone, baseball, the Olympics and many other sports have been similarly tainted by drug scandals. With the summer games close, I think it's time we took some ideas from the drag racers' NHRA playbook and got back to openess in athletic competition.

I propose 3 major catagories of athlete;
1) Stock - a little coffee or diet coke is fine, energy bars & recovery drinks are permitted but beyond this the athlete is pretty much operating on the goods God gave them.
2) Top Alcohol - these guys & girls are allowed some performance drugs, steroids are in however drugs must be consumed/injected prior to actual competition.
3) Top Fuel - anything goes, want a second heart implanted in your chect? No problem. Prepared to ride with an IV strapped to bike? It's all good for the Top Fuelers.

An athlete would declare the catagory that he/she wished to compete in & like bracket racing the results would be adjusted accordingly. This way both the fans & atheletes win.

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