Monday, July 14, 2008

Bring On The Lawyers

Confident after their successful action against the NSA in 2006, the ACLU has already filed suit against the FISA warrant less wiretap law. Quote from the ACLU's Christopher Dunn:

"A democratic system depends on the rule of law, and not even the president or Congress can authorize a law that violates core constitutional principles. The only thing compromised in this so-called 'compromise' law is the Constitution."

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is also rumored to be starting legal action against FISA although apparently staying quiet on the issue as not to tip their legal hand.

Interestingly, I worked with a Christian organization last week who are highly active in many of the countries considered as supporters of terrorism. Currently many of the objections to the new law revolve around journalists, however, religious & charitable organizations are bound to be caught up in the broad net cast by the act. As a former Brit, one could argue that my frequent calls to the same country that gave us a shoe, liquid & subway bombers could be subject to interception!

Thank goodness for the lawyers dedicated to upholding our freedoms in the face of ever increasing pressure. This could turn out to be an interesting fight, I am interested to see the government's case defending the act against the Constitution.

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