Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Las Vegas

Is a place I cannot understand. It's where the complete moral & social bankruptcy inherent in US corporations rises to the top. A dirty, money grabbing town covered up with glitzy wrapping paper. I've always found it an inherently sad place full of people trying to convince other people that they're all really having a great time. The major hotel chains who tacitly condone the hoards of underage prostitutes working their lounges and bars. As long as it brings the drinkers & gamblers in, then it's OK I guess.

My biggest wonder is what the average visitor sees in the place? Are their lives really so meaningless that this carefully manufactured world appears to be real & enjoyable? When you blow your savings at the tables or sell your body on the strip does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas?

The local neighborhoods show a different side of the town. Away from the gated communities is the biggest collection of thrift shops and other stores catering primarily to those on the poverty line that I've ever encountered. With the wrapping paper off, the gift isn't that nice.

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