Monday, October 01, 2007

From a King to a Jack?

After narrowly surviving the price-drop fiasco it seems as if Apple has more image problems on it's hands. Don't the folks at Cuppertino realize that these days it doesn't take much for a company to go speedily from starlet to dud? Just ask the folks at Jet Blue.

The latest iPhone update basically disabled (apparently for good) all iPhones hacked to run on different networks. It also left considerable doubt about the long term viability of 3rd part applications and considerably roused up the Apple community (normally noted as solid Apple apologists). There's even a spoof video based around Apple's "Misfits" campaign.

Steve, here's the scoop. There's a huge wave of discontentment around locked in technology right now. Your exclusive with AT&T had already fanned the fire and your latest deeds are playing straight into itchy Senator's fingers. Consumers are unhappy in general with the state of play & you seem determined to paint yourself as the Wal-Mart of mobile services. Time to think different again old boy.

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