Monday, August 13, 2007

Sight & Sound In Concert

Back in the 70's the Beeb (BBC) used to do a Saturday evening TV & Radio simulcast called Sight & Sound In Concert. The idea was pretty revolutionary at the time, turn down the goggle box, turn up the radio and enjoy some great music. Best part was, each show featured an established act and a newcomer without the art-school navel contemplation of the Old Grey Whistle Test either. I discovered so many great bands through the show & would hook up my Akai tape recorder every Saturday night to capture the concerts. My favorite by far and away was Ian Dury & The Blockheads (yet to release their first album) opening for Dr. Feelgood. I remembered it as a rock solid groove with these shambling vocals laid over the top. Alas my tapes are long gone but listening to this I guess my memory served me well (not entirely work safe).

Sex Drugs Rock Roll Ian Dury
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EDIT : Actually if my memory serves correctly this clip is from the Blockheads return to S&S when they headlined. I'm thinking the opening act may have been Lew Lewis but it's been awhile!

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