Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mac Must-Haves

Freeware/Donationware/Shareware no Mac-Head with a penchant for audio should be without -
  • Airfoil - stream audio from any application to your AirTunes network
  • AULab - from Apple, "test" Audio Units applications or use with Soundflower and hardware interfaces to create your own software based audio inserts
  • Carbon Copy Cloner - simply create bootable backups of your HD
  • Cyberduck - simple, fast FTP, includes a Widget
  • Flip4Mac - play WMV files in Quicktime
  • Handbrake - make, ah-hum, backups of your DVDs plus transcoding
  • iPlaylist Copier - export the contents of an iTunes playlist as audio files
  • Parallels - actually commercial software, allow the seamless use of Windows apps on your Mac without a reboot.
  • Soundflower - route audio from one application to another without leaving the computer
  • Switch - software from down under that converts from any audio file format to any other, including as a batch
  • Tubesock - download & decode virtually any Flash-embedded file, great for Daily Motion rips
Now get downloading!

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