Saturday, July 07, 2007

Single Speed 1st Ride

Thanks to a break in the rain I got my first real ride on the single speed conversion. Had to make a few mechanical adjustments on the way but the overall impression is fun-fun-fun! Rode with a friend on his delicious, saved from the trash, old school Trek/Campy Nuovo Record. I kept up just fine although obviously if he'd dropped to the bottom cog on the downhills I'd have been dust in the wind. I've got a few chain line grumblings to look at and I'm still in the market for some bullhorn bars but otherwise this is shaping up to be a great thing.


Frank B said...

The bike you linked to is not quite right. It's a Trek 660, seen here:

Hey, where's the Palm bike computer link you mentioned?

Frank B said...

Sorry, this is a little better link.

Philip Barrett said...

check it out