Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sennheiser Kudos

I run with my iPod (imagine that) and a pair of Sennheiser PMX-70 headphones, these are really great sounding units & fit snugly even under the most strenuous workout conditions.

However, recently I caught the headphone cable on a door handle and ripped the connector clean off the end. Bummed, I went to Sennheiser's website to see about repairing them. There I found a very intuitive & simple web based RA system which even allows you to print a bar coded address label to their service center in CT. I clearly noted on the return form that this was not a warranty item since the damage was caused by my own carelessness and I was happy to pay for the repairs.

Here the story gets better. Having put the damaged pieces in an envelope I asked one of my teens to stop by the post office and mail them out for me. With typical teenager attention to detail, she put them in mailbox at the house where they were promptly picked up with no postage attached! At that point I figured I'd never see them again.

Two days later I get an e-mail from Sennheiser saying they had received my headphones and were processing them for repair. Two more days passed and I got an e-mail saying they had shipped out. Within five days I had a brand new pair of headphones at my door!

So in all, Sennheiser paid for 2 way shipping and a new pair of headphones. In these days of horrendous customer service stories I think they deserve a commendation & serious consideration by anyone looking for excellent audio products.

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