Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanksgiving with...Yorkshire Pud?

One of the best things about living in a multi-cultural country is the opportunity to mix favorites from many traditions. Thanksgiving's my favorite holiday and I enjoy my turkey with both candied yams and Yorkshire pudding. This British staple seems to fascinate Americans and is incredibly easy to make. So for those who would like to try some at the table this month the Guardian has posted a recipe from the austere crowd at the Royal Society of Chemistry. Now just imagine dropping that into the conversation mid-meal! A dish with a Royal Warrant no less.

One caveat; the Guardian's picture shows pompous little "restuarant" puddings, but as any fule kno, the best ones are exactly as pictured above, in a roasting pan happily cooking alongside the meat and absorbing all the good stuff floating around in the oven.

As they would say in Yorkshire, "aye, that looks grand pet,"

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Maltok 5 said...

That looks very yummy. As a native Texan with an almost pathological envy of most things British, (I have the teeth to prove it) and a penchant for cookery, I have made it a tradition, albeit for Christmas, of making the pud.

Although my family likes it when I make the muffin sized ones. I just spoon some drippings from my roast beast into the muffin tins, heat them in the oven, add the batter and cook 'em till they're all puffy and delicious.

It's food for the gods I tell ya. I keep a defibrillator near the table just in case...