Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally...Good News

MTV has reportedly put all of their video archives online. Whilst I doubt that (there are some huge artist holes) the catalog does include some classics including this one from Madness. What makes it all the more interesting is the location, namely London's Hope & Anchor pub, home to both the burgeoning New Wave & Ska movements. A favorite of the Stiff Records acts it succumbed to Wine Bar (Fern Bar in the US) status but was rescued in the late 90's and re-opened as a music venue.

Interestingly enough it was located across the street from Islington's infamous Skunkz club, home of the hardest of the Skinhead acts where yours truly was the house mixer for awhile!


Robert said...

How does one go from a house mixer at a skinhead bar to a US citizen who is leaning to a left of center political viewpoint yet maintain an impeccable sense of humor and on the BOD of Chic Filet? You sir have MOXIE and a keen eye for the incredibly obvious.

Philip Barrett said...

As the Dead said "what a long strange trip it's been!"