Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Manx Is Returning!

Launched in 1974, the iconic Meyers Manx introduced the concept of the Beach Buggy to the World. Based on the chassis of a VW Beetle ("even Hitler was capable of some good" quotes Bruce Meyers in an interview) it quickly became a national phenomenon. Bruce & his company have had a long & turbulent past, something he discusses in detail here but are back in business making both the Manxter 2+2, an updated version of the original & also the DualSport, a more off road orientated version.

The big news for fans of the original Manx is that this fall Bruce will launch a new version based completely on the classic 1960s model that started it all. Price for the kit is projected to be around $4,000 with the Beetle used again as the donor vehicle. I'm hoping for a second wave of buggies to sweep the country!

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