Wednesday, March 26, 2008

F1, back with a difference

Tired of trying to equalize & patrol the various electronic traction control & engine braking systems used by the Formula 1 teams, the organizers wisely removed all driver-assisting electronics from the cars for 2008. 2 races in, this looks like a wise decision that's bringing a lot of drama back to the Grand Prix circuit. This week in Malaysia, the always strong Ferrari managed to get at least one car across the finish line (in 1st place too) after a pretty disastrous time in Melbourne. Strong teams from Mclaren-Mercedes & BMW Sauber should make for a highly competitive season. Then there's Lewis Hamilton, the Tiger Woods of GP who took 1st down-under but struggled to hold onto 5th place in Malaysia. US fans either have the choice of the limited availability of SpeedTV or, thanks to some kind fans, English speaking coverage is readily available on the torrent sites.

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