Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been up on this soap box before and taken more than my fair share of jabs over my stance on immigration. I think this excellent piece says much about how I feel on the subject. I picked this frame for the header because what surprises me most is that some of the most vehemently anti-immigration voices I hear are Catholics! Yet it was often traditional Catholic immigrants (particularly the Irish and Polish) who bore the most hatred when coming to the US.

The current wave of Hispanic immigration is predominantly Catholic yet so many of my faith are opposed to their entry, basing their prejudices on the flimsiest of racist rhetoric and media hysteria. Our church's teachings are pretty clear on the subject of the treatment of fellow human beings irrespective of immigration status. Jesus' teachings are even clearer.

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Bob King said...

I am married to a first generation Filipina who jumped through all the proper hoops (figuratively, no actual hoops were used) to immigrate legally. It was a very tiring learning process that cost us both a lot of time and patience. I think most of my hair was lost dealing with the INS. Thus, my perspective is that of the legal immigrant.

I believe that immigration should be open to all, on a first come, first served basis, based on the needs of the country. If you can contribute, then welcome. If you can't and are looking for a free ride, then sorry, go away. I can say this knowing that several of my in-laws would not pass muster and could not be where they are now, but that several others, very deservedly, could finally get in.

Do away with quotas and entitlements based on nationality. If these same policies were applied to citizens, the supreme court would never get a holiday!

How can we give one people the right to become citizens simply by getting a foot on dry land, yet others must wait a full generation before they can even apply?

Our current system of immigration is not even close to fair. It's not even in the same ballpark. We need some changes. The changes need to start inside the beltway. Until we change the writers of the law, the law will never change.

Sorry for the lack of a coherent thread.

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