Monday, April 03, 2006

Boys Of Summer

Opening day for the MLB again, it seems so soon but then again the modern World Series risks being spotted by the Great Pumpkin . But do the Boys of Summer, Root, Root, Root for the Hometeam & the Mudville 9 have any place today? Not only did the Mighty Case strike out but so has Major League Baseball. I associate the game more with steroids, overpayed whining players, city handouts, $60 mid-week tickets, $6 dollar hotdogs & $1o beers than America's Pastime. I think MLB should probably go ahead and put an asterix against the entire league, players, teams, owners, vendors, corporate sponsors and the guy selling the parking tickets too.

The phrase most dreaded by sports fans across the US? "Here we are, tied up, bottom of the 14th."

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